Structure and decision-making

Through our process of self-critique and reflection, CHOSA has realized the importance of creating safe and open spaces for discussion and dialogue.

In the communities we work with, we have done our best to support and promote democratic and horizontal forms of decision-making. To this end, we have been committed to making the community and their organizations the center of the development process and have placed CHOSA in a non-authoritarian and supportive role in relation to the people actually involved in carrying out community development.

Likewise, within our own organization, we have opened up our structure so that everyone involved in the organization has an equal say in all aspects of decision-making.

Within CHOSA, all decisions are made by consensus which means that we value the contribution of every participant and want to ensure that we are all content with decisions before we are able to move forward. The primary spaces of decision-making are either within our many working committees or more generally amongst our General Membership Committee (GMC). The GMC is the highest decision-making body of the organization and includes our elected board of directors as well as all CHOSA staff members.

For more information on our structure, see our organogram.

For details on how we make decisions by consensus, check out this document.

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